You Dreamt It, We Built It

TopCity-1 is a project that from its very beginning was a dream to deliver you the best, which could comply with all the future challenges and modern lifestyle.This housing project promises to be the most reliable, luxurious and wonderful product a Pakistani could afford. The trend of luxury and modern lifestyle has really killed the earth without kindness but TopCity-1 among all the other contemporary housing schemes is the only one where luxury and eco friendly environment go hand in hand. The new extension to Islamabad, TopCity-1, is an elegantly planned housing scheme unlike anything witnessed before.


The Villas at TopCity-1

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Located at a few minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport, TopCity-1 proudly announces an exclusive feature of  Villas surrounded with lush green vicinity and a beautiful lake. Elevate your lifestyle with our exceptionally designed and smartly maintained   features  for a seamless one family unit dream living.

The High Rise Apartments at TopCity-1

High Rise Apartments for all sizes of families in TopCity-1 provides an opportunity for cost  effective quality living. These numerous TopCity-1 high rise apartments  is a living example of the best engineering , design construction and operation.

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The Farm Houses at TopCity-1

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TopCity-1 has aesthetically designed the location of Farm Houses. Designed to provide a rural and urban blend of serene environment offering contemporary life style.


The Hotels at TopCity-1

TopCity-1 offers a perfect investment opportunity from budget to Five-star hotels. Islamabad is an established tourist destination where tourist from all over the world and across the country make stopovers in order to proceed to their favorite destinations. Additionally, due to its perfect location next to Islamabad Airport, the hotel is capable to facilitate the growing business travel demands.

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The Commercial Hub at TopCity-1

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A prime feature of TopCity-1, an epic business center to house all range of retails providing Top Citizens and visitors alike with exceptional local and international brands, Diners, Cocktail Bars providing an exclusive environment to relax with family and friends in leisure time. The business center  is one of the top commercial real estate developments of Islamabad, due to modern planning, top location with access and provision of all  the utilities, transport system and emergency services


The Jama e Masjid at TopCity-1

The Jama Masjid is located right at the heart of TopCity-1. The masjid is a  masterpiece with  a blend of Ottoman  and contemporary architecture. This  centrally air conditioned and heated, has separate prayer halls for male and female to accommodate up to 5000 people at a time.

These Masjids are well spread all over the Scheme in each block for the convenience of our residents and visitors alike. All residents of TopCity-1 will have the facility of a masjid on a short walking distance

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The Green Areas at TopCity-1

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Keeping up with the green and clean living spirit, more than a hundred thousand trees have been planted at TopCity-1, with each block having  its own green park area.

The Grave Yard at TopCity-1

Graveyard hold great significance to communities across the country, and it’s important to remember their value throughout our lives.

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Smart Features

Smart Health Care at TopCity-1

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The smart health care feature offers an  online  data of every resident linked with the hospital for prompt  and efficient  response by a  professional dedicated health care team.

Security Surveillance at TopCity-1

A 24/7 CCTV sensor and mobile surveillance Control Centre provides a  quick response force in case of any emergency.

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Institutional Zone

Institutional Zone at TopCity-1

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Learning is an essential component of life for a better environment and responsive society. Learning should include deep understanding which involves the flexible and active use of knowledge”

TopCity-1 aspires to enable the children of our community, residents and people around nearby surroundings to attend the premier & finest schooling. TopCity-1 foresees the world of tomorrow and understands the significance of future needs. Therefore, State of the art Institutional Zone is allocated for smart education.


The Zoo at TopCity-1

A favorite  entertainment and amusement source to our visitors, especially children is the lively and happy zoo, being looked after by a highly professional team of wildlife experts

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The Design Wing at Top City

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We offer you an amazing opportunity to design your dream home exactly to your taste.
Visit our Design wing where our team of architects will assist you in architecting your dream home according to your needs and will guide you about the RDA by-laws.