On special insistance of our dea ler’s and va lued allotee’s,the Management
of Topcity-1 has dec ided to extend the “New Year Construction Incentive Offer ” till 30th April,2021.
The Management of TopCity-1 is pleased to extend the construction incentive for
01-month to facilitate our valuable allottees who are interested to begin construction on their Residential and Mini-Commercial plots to avail the Tax Relief offered by the Federa l Government. The special incentive package offered by TopCity-1 Management will commence from March 23, 2021 till April 30, 2021; and
include the following:

  • No Possession Fee will be charge
  • No Design Fee will be charged for work processed by the design wing.The allotees to bear the cost for all outsourced work on map and design
  • Free Electricity and Water for 2 months
  • Free Excavation

However,fee will be charged for Following:

    • Architectural design fee if changed from Catalogue/Re-design.
    • Structure design fee in relation of soil test.
    • 3D charges, 4 Rupees per Sqft.
    • RDA submission drawings will be prepared by design wing and will be submitted by client at khidmat Centre Rawalpindi.

*Please note that the incentives offered by TopCity-1 are only for Residential and Mini-Commercial in Sector A, B, C ,D & I(partial Possession); and the offer will expire on April 30, 2021.

Note: The allottes must have to start construction within 02-months from the date of this offer otherwise, they will have to pay all the waived-off amounts.